Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Rain on Dancing Petals"

Another watercolor of mine. Like the Insanity piece, I blew the paint for a cool effect because I was going for an abstracted version of rain, and flowers. Ironically, the day I painted this; it was raining.


This is a self Portrait I did while in my figure drawing class. Back when I was a sophomore. The goal was to use both warm and cool colors to indicate shadow, tone, and Skin. Done in watercolor.

"Another World"

This one of my favorites. This idea of aliens, and other worlds was what sparked me for this drawing. I used vine charcoal to sketch out the drawing first. Then I used charcoal sticks of various weights for my light to dark tones. The white of the paper is erase marks. This is called: Reductive drawing.

"Bleeding Insanity"

This was done in water color. I sat there thinking: "What could I paint today?" I had many inspirations. One of them is my favorite villain, The Joker. I blew the paint while it was wet to create the lightning/streak effects.

"Fear of the Condemned"

This was done in both ink and gouache paints. I was not inspired by the movie: "The Grudge but rather the black plague, innocent, and abandonment of something or someone.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Evil Hero

I love the character Chiro from the show: "Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! I took the main character and decided to make him look and feel evil. This was done all in Photoshop CS5 and because I don't have a tablet, I used a mouse. The effects are mostly from using the smug tool in photoshop. I studied his character from what he wears in his hero mode and took my own take on that.