Monday, May 20, 2013

Afro centric sea creature

I was inspired by the ocean.and fantasy art that dealt with sea creatures. I only used blue, purple, and green. I was also I greatly inspired by cubism and was trying to approach the face and body in that style.

Untitled (w.i.p)

I wanted to use only gray, black, and blue for this peace By listening to soft contemporary music, I wanted to capture sadness, and loneliness. I was going for a
afro centric look.

Mixed Media Model

This was done during my figure drawing class. We had to draw our model with any media and we had the option to distort a body part. The background is water color and the model is conte with cross hatching marks. Her hand is distorted in size.

Mind's Retreat

A place where my mind goes as I meditate to relieve stress. I believe everyone has a place their mind travels to in times of stress. I see colors that most would consider boring to be peaceful and relaxing. I see fog as a Vail into the unknown. I feel the cool water on my skin and the sun hugging me in warm comfort.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Untouched Winter

This was a painting I did a year or two ago during winter break from college. It was cold, dreary, and dark. My kind of weather. So with that in mind, I used oil paint to convey a location that was isolated yet beautiful. I only used black, gray, and white. (With a little brown)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Self Portrait 3

This was a self portrait I had to do when I was in figure drawing class as a junior. It was a two part assignment. Draw yourself base on a emotion. The second drawing has to be its counterpart. This was the first drawing in which I was content and thoughtful. The second drawing was me angry.